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Indigenous Cree artist Niska Napoleon's latest single "Timebomb" reached #1 on Sirius XM's Indigenous Music Countdown Aug.28th, 2021. Her mom, renowned knowledge keeper, Roxanne Tootoosis of Poundmaker Cree Nation was the first person to message and congratulate her on the achievement. Roxanne was quarantined in her home after being diagnosed with COVID19. Little did Niska know that it would be the last message she would ever receive from her mother. Roxanne passed away alone in her home that evening.


Due to the fact Niska was in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, she was unable to attend the funeral of her mom Roxanne, and wanted to find a way to honor her with a tribute performance during Canada's National Day For Truth And Reconciliation. 

The song is Niska's 2nd single to reach number #1 on The Indigenous Music Countdown and sets the tone for her long awaited debut album THE WHITEFLOWER EP which Niska will dedicate to her mother, the late Roxanne Tootoosis.

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"I can't help but wonder what I'll do tomorrow to feel the same way"

photo: Evan Eisenstadt